Sunday 2 March 2014

Kate Moss

Kate Moss 
Studio Jams Part II, 2013

Risograph single colour numbered edition of 40.

Studio Jams Part II is a book of rhythms. Thought, image, material rhythms that move and circulate within the studio at one point in time. 

Kate Moss is an Australian artist based in Vancouver. Through material experimentation, her work explores the expressive potential of writing, colour and rhythm. Her drawings are a sculpture, a guitar solo, a skype conversation, a painting, a performance, a video, a landscape—hang on this is getting a bit naff—they are a line man, a guitar line, a horizon line, a smoke line, a stoke line, a toes to the nose line.
In her work things, objects, materials and moments harmonize. Working in conversation they begin to perform.

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