Wednesday 27 August 2014

Stephen Andrews Editioned Ephemera

The 1st Part of the 2nd Half (2001)

Untitled (1999)
Forecast (2006)

Hoi Polloi (1998)

Stephen Andrews, various ephemera, 1998-2006
Unnumbered Editions of 1000 with artist's embossed signature

$2 each

Each work was published to accompany one of the artist's exhibitions. These tabloid-format newsprint editions are printed on both sides. 

The theme of mediated spectatorship connects all of these works. 

The 1st Part of the 2nd Half (2001) based on Andrews' 2002 exhibition of the same name. The artist investigates the visual boundary between the self and the social, the component and the whole by representing a zoom sequence as it tracks back from a detail of individuals to the moment when they dissolve into the crowd.

Forecast (2006) is based on Andrews’ 2005 work Friendly Fire. A video sequence translated into simulations of four-colour separation prints comprise a few chaotic frames from a war-correspondent's news footage that documents the moment when an unseen, but injured cameraman bleeds onto his lens. Through Andrews' formal decisions and the content of the newsclip, we are reminded of the many layers of conceptual and technological mediation as well as the physical bodies that exist between us and our window to the day's 'Breaking News.'

Untitled (1999) reprints the artist's rendering of a medium shot of crowds as a collage of faces which Andrews' reveals through cut-outs is also a collage of pen and paper.

Hoi Polloi (1998) based on Andrews' work of the same name are drawings simulating long shots of crowds of spectators captured on surveillance tapes. The artist implies that we are caught in a loop in which our view, is another viewer's view of viewers.

 Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Andrews lives and works in Toronto. He exhibits his work regularly and travels extensively.

 Stephen Andrews profile page on the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art site

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